Code Axi Lam White

Axi Lam White comprises of two or more sheets of glass adhered together by heat and the use of pressure with white interlayer. The result is a milky appearance designed for glazing applications where privacy is a consideration.

Axi Lam White used in vertical or sloped overhead applications can resist penetration from accidental impact. If the glass is broken, fragments adhere to the interlayer and are retained in place.


The Standard PVB interlayer is 0.38mm thick, but is also available in 0.76mm and 1.52mm for increased resistance to penetration and security applications.

Maximum size:
5100mm x 3210mm

Axi Lam Toughened maximum size:
5500mm x 2800mm

Thickness commonly available:
6.38mm, 8.38mm, 10.38mm, 12.38mm


Axi Lam White is commonly used for light glazing applications and can be adapted for heavier glazing if toughening is applied.

Some common uses for Axi Lam White are shower screens, internal office partitioning and privacy screens.

Certain sealants may cause edge de-lamination such as linseed oil putty. Only natural sealant or silicone sealants are recommended. Laminated glass edges are not recommended.